Turbomaschinen GmbH

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38114 Braunschweig
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Our turbo machines are running with rotational speed up to 100.000 min-1 and more. These high number of revolutions in combination with a direct drive without a gear box provide a compact design. So these types of turbo machines are smaller than conventional turbo machines.

The high-speed technology provides a series of considerable advantages:

  • process control without add on costs
  • up to 50% smaller machines and lower weight
  • cost reduction
  • high availability

In hermetic type of construction these machines are specially suitable for explosive medium like hydrogen or methane. Medium of the gas and energy processes, i.e. air, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxyd, methane, helium, hydrogen, ... will be compressed and expanded. Typical applications are petroleum and natural gas industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, environmental industry, mobile application, medical and vacuum technics, cooling and climate technics, heat pumps and applications of new energy sources.